KUPRIN 1.0 Pro

computer-aided roll pass design system KUPRIN 1.0 Pro
KUPRIN 1.0 Pro is a computer-aided roll pass design system, based on the original method for calculating the spread during rolling in calibres (grooves), developed in the dissertation of Dmitrii Kinzin. A distinctive feature of the developed methodology for calculating the spread of the rolled material is its applicability for a wide variety of shapes of simple two-, three- and four-roll calibres, not limited to their typical systems. This feature, along with the original description of the geometry of calibres and rolled profiles, makes the system flexible enough and applicable for solving a wide range of technological problems at rolling mills of various configurations. This version of the program is the result of 20 years of development and improvement. The multitude of technological solutions built on the basis of earlier versions of this program, and operating in dozens of rolling mills around the world, allows us to say that the program has been seriously tested in practice.
Two versions of the program have been developed: a professional one (KUPRIN 1.0 Pro), which implements the full functionality of calculations, and a lite one (KUPRIN 1.0 Lite), which retains only the core of the program with the ability to calculate the spread of metal.
A more detailed description of the program can be found by downloading the specification file.
The Lite version is distributed free of charge to everyone. If you want to get a free version of the program, then fill out the application form below. To purchase a paid full-featured Pro version, also fill out an application.
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